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Quickbooks Accountant is allowed more than five users to maximum of 20 users and not Quickbooks Premier


  • Quickbooks Accountant 2020


    Monthly fees Incl. VAT

    Cloud hosting Only

    QuickBooks Premier 2020

    R 1,100.00

    Single User

    R 580.00

    R 2,200.00

    Two Users

    R 1,160.00

    R 3,300.00

    Three Users

    R 1,740.00

    R 4,400.00

    Four Users

    R 2,320.00

    R 5,000.00

    Five Users

    R 2,900.00

  • Business planning tools specialised for accountants' needs - Multi-currency is now available in Quickbooks 2020 products.

  • All the features of QuickBooks Pro, plus...

    • New Quickbooks 2020 - setup wizard get up and running in as few steps as four steps

    1. Comprehensive and secure password protection, ensuring transactions cannot be edited, changed or deleted

    2. Compatible with 2006/2008/2010/2012/2013/2014/2015/2017/2018/2019 QuickBooks files including Pro

    3. Review balances and make adjusting entries by using the Working Trial Balance Tool

    4. New Quickbooks Accountant 2020 version allows users to run two companies at the same time

    5. New Quickbooks 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 version uses Sybase database for better performance

    6. New Quickbooks Premier and Accountant 2019/2020 allows to track balance sheet by class.

    7. Track actual income and expense data with advanced budgeting

    8. Forecast income and expenses automatically from actual financial data

    9. Remote Access to client data from the office or home

    10. Set a closing date and password to prevent and/or monitor changes to prior periods

    11. Prepare and customise financial statements using Financial Statement Designer, a built-in tool that’s as easy to use as a spread sheet

    12. Enter journal entries including recurring, reversing and adjusting entries

    13. Integrate Microsoft® Excel data to and from QuickBooks with ease

    14. Quickly generate purchase or sales orders from estimates without re-entering information

    15. Automatically generate multiple price levels per item

    16. VAT 201 return, Vat setup wizard to change/ add new rates only available in Quickbooks 2010/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19

    17. Reverse journals and get one click journal history

    18. Integration with Microsoft™ Word, Excel and Outlook

    19. Expert business analysis tool

    20. Aimed at: Midrange to larger businesses

    21. Maximum of 14500 Inventory items -

    22. Easily create your own customized reports without any additional cost.

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