Sage Pastel Accounting version 18 Xpress Startup Single User (Single Company at R2600.00 incl VAT and delivery.

  Contact Tony on (011) 609-4544/1 or email for a more detailed quote

Sage Pastel v18 Xpress  Advantage Multiple Companies  R5750.00 Including VAT

Sage Pastel Accounting v18 Press Single User (Multiple Companies) is the simplest solution for fully integrated accounting and e-commerce. Pastel Accounting v18 Xpress brings you into the Internet age as soon as you are ready. At the same time, you get a full accounting solution ideal for small business. Pastel Accounting v18 Xpress offers unrivalled ease of use with a modern interface that makes learning and using the product easy. Pastel Accounting version 18 Xpress is the no-fuss solution for serious business, on and off the Internet. Includes Inventory, BIC, Bank Manager and BCL for one year and there is a mandatory annual Licence Fee

Excel Management Reports
In order to support the growth of your business, you need to know how your business is doing. As a small business owner you need access to an intuitive, powerful reporting solution to get an accurate look at where your business currently stands and what can be done to improve it.

Sage Pastel’s Excel Management Reports for Xpress , our newest productivity add-on module is a Microsoft Excel®-based reporting solution integrated within Sage Pastel Xpress – so you already know how to use it!

Reports are neatly presented in Microsoft Excel® allowing you the ability to view the Income and Balance Sheet in various formats providing better insight into your business.



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