Sage Pastel Partner v18 Bills of Material

The screens have been widened resulting in better usability experience

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Manufacturing (Only available with the Bill of Materials module)

Create bills of material. Specify which components you require to manufacture an item, and how many of each item. Specify additional costs for items such as labour, overheads, and buyouts. Pastel calculates the cost of the manufactured item for you.

Determine the selling price on a cost plus mark-up basis, or use the selling prices of the components. Manufacture from components according to the bill of material. Pastel removes the component items (raw materials) from inventory and the manufactured items are added into inventory.

Unmanufacture a manufactured item. Pastel reverses all the entries. Sell component items as normal inventory items. Invoice manufactured items as normal inventory items. Material requirements planning. Produce reports of projected production and raw materials requirements.

Linked codes. Specify a list of linked items with a linked code when you invoice. Pastel issues each component or linked item, and displays it individually on the invoice. Use this for the sale of kits, for selling items with containers, for items which replace or supersede other items, for treatment codes in the medical profession, or any other uses. Linked codes can have remarks and these also transfer onto the invoice. Use this for extended inventory descriptions.


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