Why should you upgrade?               

Automated features available in Sage Pastel Partner will save your business time. Some of the features available exclusively to Pastel Partner which ia not available in Pastel Xpress include:

Integrating with Office 365, Pastel Payroll integration assistant, Inventory complex search among others

Exclusive to Sage Pastel Partner Advantage V18, add-on modules are tailored to suit your specific industry and business needs.

As your business grows and begins to demand more sophisticated features and functionality, Sage Pastel Partner allows you to add users and modules which include:

Every business sets out to achieve success and growth. With growth come additional resources, new equipment and maybe even new premises.

But what about your accounting software? You’ve probably outgrown that too.

Moving from Pastel Xpress to Pastel Partner is the most logical growth path for your accounting software and upgrading is hassle free.

Pastel Payroll Certified Dealer

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